Can I Stop Being Perfect Now? Part 1

The internet is a dangerous and wonderful tool. Information flies across boundaries of countries, and, many times good taste. It transforms and formats society, culture, ideologies, politics, even religion. It reaches into the mind, soul, spirit, and flesh to impact our actions. The internet, in all of its many forms, is the silent application of humanity searching to become perfect while, many times, remaining anonymous.

A swift illustration of such ideas is the ease in which one may have their  stolen. A few keystrokes utilized in some small room can render one lifeless–their individuality rendered lost in mere seconds. It lays bare the hidden yearning we seldom voice…our plea to somehow gain perfection in one tiny are of our lives.

Snap Chat, Twitter, Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, all of them are based in some way on our fixation on narcissism. “Look at me. Look what I did. Look what I found. Look, I can give you x, y, z. Look, I found a, b, c, to make me happy, younger, thinner, richer. Look, here I am! Buy. Sell. See. Hear”

The interesting thing about aging is that you have a realm of experience and information to deliver that few really want to hear. Bearing that in mind, I have decided to incorporate some of the lessons I have learned. As this will be a frank communication, many may find it not to their liking. That is okay. This isn’t meant to be a discussion. It is mean to be the personal rambling of one who has lived over sixty years on this earth who has some wisdom to impart that some of you may be interested in reading.

Take from this what you like. Leave when you want. Argue over it in your own mind and with your friends.

Believe, however, that what I write is true for I have no other thought or mind to do otherwise. Sometimes it may become uncomfortable for me. In fact, many times it will be VERY uncomfortable as I tackle topics I would rather not touch…but I would do myself and you a disservice if I tried to proclaim that all in life is perfect.

Join me in my sharing some Life Lessons from an Imperfect Lady…





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