Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

We are all ‘Daughter’s of Eve’….whether you believe in the Bible or not, we all came from somewhere!

Whatever your relationship may be with your mother, today is a time to do more than buy presents or send a card. Today is the day to decide how to honor what is/was good about this person in your life. Today, we set aside time to honor this important person in creating you.

Did you have a loving, caring relationship? Great. Honor the characteristics she bequeathed to you and remember her sacrifice. Cherish and laughter and memories and be thankful that you were lucky to have her in your life for the moments you have/had together.

Did you have a stern parent who constantly found fault? Decide to become the opposite. Make a conscious effort to turn from the carrot vs. stick type of parenting you were taught. Give thanks that you can be different; that you are worthy of respect for the person you are–not how others may want you to be.

Was your relationship was built on strife? That’s okay, too. Today, focus on changing what you can. Commend yourself on whatever healing you have managed and begin working on forgiveness.

No one can push your button like your mother. For some reason, they know just where to aim those invisible barbs that weaken. Yet, I venture to say that all mothers will claim to be just doing what they think is best when raising children. There is an old song that begins with: “BE KIND TO YOUR PARENTS. It ends with: SOMEDAY YOU MAY BE A PARENT, TOO.”

Mother’s nurture, sacrifice, and educate in the thankless task of trying to prepare their young for what lies ahead. They are human. They make mistakes. Some are inhumane and injure us in unspeakable ways. Why some are good and some are bad, we can’t explain. Without them, however, our species would die out.

All any of us can do is march onward in an attempt to end our days with: “I did the best that I could do.”

After all the cards, flowers, and breakfasts-in-bed, today is a day to look at your mother without the rose-tinted glasses of retailers and respect your mother. She did the best she could do….and that is all we can ask.


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