Moone Cross in Ireland

Moone Cross in Ireland

Hello, Again!

It has been some time since I ventured onto the internet. I have done a lot of soul searching about the advantages and the DISADVANTAGES to writing online. Yes, you can reach a number of people quickly…but you also have the ability to find great destruction through doing so!

That said, I am contemplating doing a different kind of internet blog. This will be a personal study of meditation on my daily Bible reading. Now, you have to understand that I do my devotions in the bathroom.


I can hear the gasps already…but think about it for a moment. You have privacy. You have peace. You have a place where most people can’t interefere (unless you are a mother, in which case you have no privacy in your life until they throw dirt on your coffin.

So, beginning in January, I am planning on writing whatever God puts on my heart as I do my daily study. This can be anything that comes to mind. It could be very brief or very detailed.

It is my hope that it will uplift the spirit of whoever reads it. The Bible still stands as a good handbook for dealing with every day life. Far too many people simply don’t READ the Bible as a book, yet it was meant to be our companion.

So, look in here some time and see what I learned. It might aid you in whatever journey you are walking in your own life.


An old crone who is still pondering life


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