January 4, 2017/Virtue Went

Lately, I feel as if I’m a ‘stranger in a strange land.’ I know it is a usual refrain from those of aging, but I just don’t get some of these newfangled ideas. Right is now laughed at. Evil is good. People ‘hook’ up for a few weeks; a night; or an hour?

In my time virtue was a big deal. I know a woman whose mother convinced her that if she wasn’t a virgin on her wedding day, her white dress would fall off walking down the aisle! Now you have huge weddings with the children on the bride-and-groom acting as flower girls or ringbearers!

Times sure have changed.

Right before Jesus began speaking the beatitudes, you find this verse in Luke 6:19–And the whole multitude sought to touch him; for there went virtue out of him, and healed them all.

The term ‘virtue’ here means power. I see this image of Jesus’ power arcing out of him much as the image of a STAR WARS lightsaber. People were crowding around Him, aware that He had the reputation of being able to heal if they simply touched Him. While many came to hear this new prophet, many more came to get ‘something for nothing’…ie they wanted to be healed from whatever disease encompassed them (whether mind, body, or spirit).

They came to take from Him.

Little did they know that they were about to receive a gift that could change their lives.

Virtue is Its Own Reward is the title of a lost silent film that deals with two sisters. One hardworking sister knows a cad when she sees one. The other, endangered of following for a lotherio rather than marrying her steady beau, is about to ruin her life until her hardworking sister takes on a glamour girl persona to entice him away…making herself the scuttlebutt of gossip.

Virtue can be a powerful method of change. Standing for what you believe and actually acting upon it rather that just talking has changed kings and countries. I believe that Jesus allowed Himself to become the object of healing BEFORE he uttered the beatitudes for a reason. Here was a way to gain the people’s attention so they would ‘tune in’ for what He was about to say.

Sometimes virtue equates power in a way we don’t at first always understand!


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