January 12, 2017/Sweet Smells

I have made many desserts over the years. It has become a family custom that whenever it snows more than a few inches, I head to the kitchen to make homemade cinnamon buns. There is nothing quite like punching down yeast dough, watching it rise, melting butter, and combining sugar and cinnamon. The house takes on that delicious smell that signals there will be something wonderful to eat before long…unless the buns burn. Then the house fills with the pungent odor of singed sugar.

Unfortunately, as I get older it has become more difficult to do the serious baking that I used to love. I have to pace myself in order to ensure that I read the recipe correctly. I have to check off the steps so I don’t miss one and forget to proof the yeast or put in too much salt. It requires a lot of extra care.

Today’s reading came from Leviticus. Leviticus is NOT a book most Christians enjoy reading. In fact, the only book that I dislike reading more than Leviticus is Numbers (with all those tons and tons of ‘begats’, Numbers is usually where most Christians intent on reading the Bible in a year fall upon the wayside!)

Still Leviticus has a definite purpose in our Christian walk. Leviticus 2:1-3–And when any will offer a meat offering unto the Lord, his offering shall be of fine flour; and he shall pour oil upon it, and put frankincense thereon: And he shall bring it to Aaron’s sons the priests: and shall take thereout his handful of the flour thereof, and of the oil thereof, with all the frankincense thereof, and the priest shall burn the memorial of it upon the altar, to be an offering made of fire, of a sweet savour unto the Lord. And the remnant of the meat offering shall be Aaron’s and his sons’: it is a thing most holy of the offerings of the Lord made by fire.

Obviously, the sweet smell of this offering to the Lord had great meaning–God’s people are to be obedient but also aware of the ‘sweetness’ of being near to the Lord. I’m sure there are all kinds of other deep theological meanings of all these offerings, but sometimes we overlook the simplicity of what our Father tries to teach us.

Yes, He wants us to be obedient and follow His rules…but we should come at His feet to offer up our JOY in communion with Him. There is a ‘sweet smell’ in being on the Lord’s side in life!

Come into His presence today and remember His goodness unto you.


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