January 28 & 29/Why Bathed and Washed are Different

There is nothing like a cool wash in the summer when heat and humidity rule the day…unless it is a nice hot bath to soothe your aching bones in the winter!

During Biblical times people got pretty dirty. Come to think about it, even today when people are doing physical work they get dirty. Of course, most of us don’t walk miles to work in the burning son without shoes now. Nor do most have a lack of facilities to wash themselves. In Jesus’ time, however, there was a certain ritual people instituted before meals. Weary travelers and guests would be given basins where their feet would be washed and dried.  At a meal, guests would also wash their hands.

Jesus wanted to teach His disiciples that a physical wash was far different than a Spiritual one.

In John 13: 10and 11 he says: Jesus saith to him, He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit: and ye are clean, but not all. For he knew who should betray him; therefore said he, Ye are not all clean.

Here is Jesus’ pointed attempt to point out to Judas that he knew his intention to betray. We were in the final countdown where Judas still had a choice to change his mind about betraying our Lord.

Greek translations note that the word ‘washed’ comes from the Greek word ‘bathed’ and denotes a complete physical process of cleansing the body, whereas ‘wash’ is the typical word for the washing of hands or feet.

It is clear by Christs words that not only did he ‘know’ what Judas had in mind, he was offering the other disciples a look into what his death would really mean. We may all ‘wash‘ each day by confessing our sins. But to truly be ‘washed‘ for eternity, we must BATHE in the blood of the sacrifice Jesus was about to make.

Poor Judas. He never ‘knew’ our Lord. He was a ‘hanger on’ who just ‘didn’t get it’, and allowed his own pride to be tempted by Satan’s purposes.

This is a scary time for me with my husband’s heart situation. He has some dangerous waters to forge. Yet, there is the peace we both share that we know we have been bathed in the blood of Christ and when He calls us home, he will be waiting for us.

That provides our comfort and gives us the quiet peace that assures us nothing will happen except what God allows.


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