January 31,2017/Trust

My daughter rode a horse to her wedding…in her wedding gown!  Her father led her down the two suburban streets, across a busy highway, and over to the church on the corner. Then, she jumped off at the church and then went inside to get married. (She’d always said her horse would be at her wedding!) After they were married, her new husband led her back over the busy street and down the road back to our backyard where the photographer photographed the ‘official’ wedding photo…the bridesmaids, the bride, the horse, the groom, and the groomsmen.

It is still one of my favorite pictures.

Now, my youngest granddaughter is also into riding. Did I mention that we are not situated where owning a horse is easy or cheap? I guess it is in the genes.

As anyone who has ever ridden a horse knows, you have control of the animal because of the bit in its mouth. In other words, you have to know how to use the reins to make the horse, stop, go, and turn.

Sometimes, we have to deal with ‘reining’ in life. Tomorrow is going to be one of those times for me.

I may not make a devotional entry tomorrow.

Or, I may make it rather late.

You see, my husband goes into the hospital for a heart catherization.

We are not allowing FEAR to take hold. Instead, we are trusting that God has it all under control and all we can do is allow Him to hold the reins. We are relying on Proverbs 3:4&5-Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.

All we can do tomorrow is trust God and the experience of the doctors, nurses, and technicians as they do their job.

It is something that we all need to do every day…but especially those days when we find ourselves teetering with worry



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