February 13,2017/Into Your Care


Exodus 20:14–Thou shalt not commit adultery.

When two people declare themselves a BONDED contract, pledging themselves before God and their families and friends to one another, and then cheat on that promise, nothing good will come from their actions.

Take away the very real fear of sexual diseases. Take away the emotional guilt. Take away the harm these actions cause to those other than their partners such as their children who might be affected.

What’s left?

What’s the big deal? I mean two consenting adults who choose to KNOWINGLY break a promise, right?

Perhaps, many who take this action feel that they can ‘get away with it’. Or it won’t ‘hurt’ anyone. Or it is ‘their’ life. Perhaps, they are so far into SELF that they no longer hear any inner voice of warning or conscience. Perhaps, they don’t have to wrestle with any complications of their behavior. No one knows. No one saw. It was only once. I got ‘away with it’.

No, you didn’t.

Once you go down the path of breaking a promise you have broken a part of yourself. YOU know. You know you can’t hide your actions because they are always with you. You know you have broken the bond of trust that you once claimed to honor.

Yes, you can repent. Yes, you can be forgiven. Yes, it is not an unpardonable sin.

Still, there will always be a ‘crack’ even if you work to repair it. It may shrink but that crack will always remain.It will take a great deal of hard work (glue) to reconcile yourself, (let alone your partner) to regain the portion of trust you once had together. It will take a humble spirit before the Lord with an understanding that He can sweep your sin away if you ask. It will take you dealing with why you commited this sin and how you can fix yourself so that you not only ‘sin no more’ but come to terms with and forgive yourself for your actions.

It is far easier to keep from commiting a sin knowingly to being with that it is to deal with the effects from the consequences after you commit one.

God knows this. That is why He gave us these guidelines. He knows how easily humans are tempted because He knows our flaws.

His commandments were given to EASE our path–not as some old-fashioned ‘accusations’ as some today describe the Commandments. He gives us ways to try to avoid knowingly getting ourselves into a tangele!

Wisdom is recognizing the validity of certain truths.

Fleeing at the first sign of temptation to commit adultery is wise….


One thought on “February 13,2017/Into Your Care

  1. I had never really considered this but what you have written is very true: “Once you go down the path of breaking a promise you have broken a part of yourself.” That’s true for any type of promise really, not just one related to marriage. Thanks for sharing this insight.


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