February 21, 2017/Three Little Words-Part 2

My husband is a middle child.

Anyone who knows anything about family dynamics, knows that this is NOT the position that you want to be in. The eldest may have to live up to ‘expectations’, but the baby is always spoiled rotten. The middle child? Well, they either get overlooked or end up finding a way to survive on their own.

In my husband’s case, he found a sense of humor that complemented his rebelliousness and mischievous nature. He also found a way to get his point across by slyly engaging whomever he was after in a way that his parents couldn’t punish.

I well remember him doing this when his parents were allowing his eighteen-year-old sister to be a little ‘too protected’. They wanted her to exist solely in a ‘Christian’ job world. (This is not only impossible, it is also un-Scriptural but that is an entry for another day!) In any case, every time he would see his sister he’d begin imitating the singing group Sha Na Na. (If you don’t remember them, you might remember ‘Bowser’ the low-voiced, ‘greaser type’ bass as part ot their ‘Doo Wop’ sound!)

One of their famous hits was the tune: GET A JOB…and hubby took great satisfaction in singing that just about every time his sister was around.

I tell you this because the ‘Three Little Words’ for today are: Get a Job!

Proverbs 16:3 says: Commit thy works unto the Lord, and they thoughts shall be established.

Whatever the job that you work, God wants you to be commited unto to it. In this way, you will find solace that you are following his will. A garbage worker may find his/her sense of humor in seeing what is being thrown away. A teacher may have given up if not for a certain student’s progress. A pastor may stress over a sermon delivered until someone comments on how it affected them in their spiritual walk. Even a postal worker who is plodding along in the hot sun or windy chill may be greeted with pleasure when delivered a vital message.

Humans don’t always love their work. Sometimes, we work with people that we do not care for; that hurt us or disparage us; that suck all the joy from our lives. How, then, can we pretend that we ‘enjoy’ our job?

Only through our attempt to remind ourselves that work is part of what makes us human. Discussions today abound with the coming excitement over Artifical Intelligence. I’m not so sure that it is going to be all that wonderful. When AI takes over our jobs, what are we going to do?

What is the PURPOSE of humanity when they fail to admit to worshipping God? Where will they put their efforts? Will the thirst for knowledge continue? Or will we turn to wanting pleasure without effort?

Look to history for answers should you wish to ignore the Bible. The rise and fall of Rome is similar to what we are experiencing today. They became beholden to foreign labor, indebted to spending what they didn’t have, focused on pleasure at all costs and in all manners.

How did that end?

Not Well!

Work is a necessary part of life. My husband has always said that he: “Worked to live, not LIVED to work.” (He’s a pretty wise guy which is why I married him!)

Wherever you find yourself working today, spend a moment to recommitting yourself to your job and establishing your own manner of handling the ups and downs therein by remembering that this pleases God. No job is too small or unimportant…just as each one of us is unique!

More Three Little Words on the way…


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