February 24, 2017-Three Little Words/Part 5-I Deserve This

EeWith all that is going on in the world, the one thing that few seldom really discuss or understand is the MOUNTAIN of debt most countries are facing.

You can debate the politics of the situation. You can place blame on political parities, entities, even systems of government. The facts, however, are pretty simple.

Too many people are living well beyond their means.

Debates range as to how to fix the problem. Some blame the rich. Some blame the poor. Some simply don’t care as they are worn from working day-t0-day to eek out an existence.

There is a remedy to part of the problem…buy What you need when you need it and use it until can no longer be used.

Believe it or not, we used to do that. We actually used to FIX televisions, toasters, radios, etc. Bulbs. Tubes. Sodering wires. Hand crank can openers, imagine! Mothers had compost pails beneath the kitchen sink. Everyone had a garden of some sort…even if you lived in the city you had plants on the patio or joined a community garden. If, by some chance, that wasn’t possible you had a vegetable truck calling outside on the street or a LOCAL market that sold FRESH vegetables. Mothers cooked dinner. They canned, dried, or smoked extra vegetables, fruits or meat. Fishing was a popular sport.

Proverbs 22:26 & 27-Be not thou one of them that strike hands, or of them that are sureties for debts. If thou hast nothing to pay, why should he take away thy bed from under thee?

To ‘strike hands’ meant to give your bond for a debt. It would be like signing a note to the bank. Now, the Old Testament rules on debt made it clear that the one owed was not allowed to claim a person’s bed or clothes in repayment of a debt.

Clearly, this is a warning that we should heed on credit. You don’t/shouldn’t  put yourself into debt without a great deal of thought.

What do you truly NEED vs. what do you WANT?

A person doesn’t ‘need’ to go away to college and come out $200,000 in debt. Nor, do they need to eat our every night or buy a new car or even have the latest model computer or cell phone. They may want all this, but they don’t need it.

There are places in New Guiena where some natives have never seen ‘modern’ life. They have no television, phones, etc. Yet, they have their own social and cultural way of life. They can’t want what they don’t have because they don’t realize that they need to ‘want’ this modern way of living. They are satisfied with what they have for they know nothing else.

A friend of mine remembers walking the railroad tracks to attend mass with her family. Gas was rationed. They had a car, her father worked nearby. Therefore, they didn’t get many gas stamps. What they had, had to be saved for emergencies. Sugar was rationed and saved to use for making something special like a birthday cake.

People did without. Many times, dinner consisted of breaded and fried zucchini from their garden in the summer. They weren’t vegan. They were living within their means…and those means didn’t include money for meat!

God wants us to enjoy the fruits of our labor…but He expects us to be wise enough to differentiate between our wants and needs. He has guaranteed us to supply us with our needs (Give us this day our daily bread). Bread, not cake.

No one knows what tomorrow may bring. Are you in debt? If so, take stock of your situation and make a conscious effort to pull back and pay off. Are you buying what you don’t need? Take stock and think about what God might have you do with that money?

Before you charge that next cup of coffee, think of the one who gave His life’s BLOOD to repay YOUR debt. We are deserving to pay the penalties for our sins but Jesus took them all on Him.

What do you really deserve? You deserve to live within your means.


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