March 30, 2017/Plans

I made a mistake yesterday.

(Actually, I probably made a LOT of mistakes yesterday…but the one that I referenced you might have caught! There were TWO entries for March 28th and none for March 29th!) Obviously, I typed in the wrong date.

We make a lot of mistakes in life–just like we make a lot of plans. Lots of times we make plans without considering what God would intend for us. Jeremiah reminds us in chapter 29:11-For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Jeremiah had to reassure the people that what they were going through wouldn’t last forever. Nebuchadnezzar had taken them captive and carried them away from Jerusalem to Babylon. Life looked bleak.

Jeremiah is considered to be the ‘weeping’ prophet. He was watching the nation of Israel destroy themselves. God had warned them over and over to repent from their glorification of evil in their behavior practices.

Did they listen?


A friend of mine has a saying: “First, God taps you on the shoulder. If you don’t listen, He might use a two by four. If you still aren’t listening, He might have to send a big-rig truck to get your attention. You don’t want to know what comes after that!”

The tribes of Judah and Benjamin weren’t listening. God had sent Jeremiah to give them their last warning before they left their homeland. God had turned against them and had gone so far as to turn their land over to a pagan king.

Jeremiah is the weeping prophet because He is suffering the loneliness of knowing what God has in store for them, and also knowing that they had it in their hand to change their destination if they would only repent. Jeremiah suffered deeply, weeping because he knew that CHANGE LAY WITHIN THEIR OWN HANDS.

What was sad was that they would not make that change.

The people would not listen. They no longer believed in God. They no longer trusted God. They refused to listen to His warnings.

God is making it clear that He would like to give His people peace. He would like to give them all the good things in life. But He will only allow us to go so far in our rebellion before He has to bring us to heel.

Take a moment today to give some thought about where you are with God. Are you doing what He wants you to do? Has God been tapping you on the shoulder?

If He is tapping, take time to listen. You don’t want God has to use a big-rig truck to get your attention…you definitely don’t want to know what He plans after that!




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