April 1 & 2/Fools

As a long-time fan of Doctor Who, I always like to check out one of the blogs I follow to see what they have cooked up as an April Fool’s joke. They always manage to tie-in some kind of funny story surrounding the series or the actors/actresses, writers, producers, or even the BBC, in some crazy way to ensure that what ‘could’ be plausible information is taken to such an extreme that wise fans know that this is a joke.

Personally, I am waiting for the day when they actually DO surprise us in a manner that is truthful. Now THAT would actually be an April’s Fool!

The Bible has many verses that speak about fools. One of which is Proverbs 29:9- If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man, whether he rage or laugh, there is no rest.”

There are many who have taken Christ’s instruction to “Go in to all the world and preach the Gospel.” Such missionaries may put their life on the line to spread the good news of Jesus’ mercy and grace.

There are others, however, who become such zealots that rather than turn people ‘on’ to Christ, they turn them ‘off’. They use their words and actions in a way that makes people uncomfortable.

Being a Christian is difficult. Now, more than ever. Even Jesus knew the trouble he would have trying to preach to his own ‘country’.

So how can we DO the word of God and be a ‘light unto the world’ yet not compromise our beliefs?

In my humble opinion, we need to incorporate three things into our daily lives and stand for Christ around people who don’t wish to hear…many times with those in our own families: First, we have to LISTEN to God to know when/if/how to approach people. Second, we have to PRAY for our openings and our words. Lastly, and most importantly, we need to LIVE our faith and let God do the work.

I often think of Paul. Paul was a preacher but he also had to make tents for a living. That meant he came in contact with lots of people. We have recordings of Paul’s preaching that he left behind for us in Scripture, but I wonder if Paul didn’t simply go about his business during the day in a way that illustrated his faith without him being obnoxious about it. (And, Yes, I do think at times in Scripture Paul comes across as being a bit off-putting! I have often told my husband that although we won’t have physical bodies to identify us in heaven, he can find me over in the corner arguing with Paul over some of his viewpoints to get clarification on certain matters!!)

Legalistic Christians will now probably faint at my above statement.

That’s okay. I’m being honest. I doubt God is sending a bolt of lightning in my direction right now. Knowing God as I do, I figure He is probably laughing or shaking his head…aware that my opinion is just another example of my human stubborness that will need to be refined when I get through the heavenly gates.

God knows that in some ways, I will get no rest in my foolishness. HE is the wise. I am the bit of a fool as I cannot yet understand His ways.

Here on earth we struggle every day to be wise, not foolish. We struggle with the ‘fools’ that we often meet in our lives. We struggle with being the ‘fool’ at times. Perhaps, that is why I believe to truly convert someone to the grace and mercy of Christ the most important factor is setting our lives up as our example of what our turning to Jesus means.

Be the LIGHT.

Let your life shine and reflect His teachings.

Forget your dogmatic nature that YOU will be the one to convert and allow HIM to do the work in His time. Answer questions when asked. Give opinions when requested. Be not ashamed of following Christ…but neither be so judgmental and obnoxious that you are pointing out everyone else’s needs and sins without realizing that YOU are not the one who is doing the coverting. God is! Allow Him to get on with His work…

From one fool to any others out there in cyber land…..Have a blessed weekend!


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