April 3, 2017/Logic

I usually try to avoid discussions about politics.

It does one no good and only elevates your blood pressure.

That said, I’m afraid I have to do some discussion today on two articles I read. I simply cannot allow them to pass without comment. What I will do, however, is try to simply apply my small brain to the ‘logic’ therein in order to try to show how far we are going ‘off track’, so to speak.

I’m only going to discuss the headline of the first article. It reads: “Facebook, Monzilla, and others launch $14 million dollar fund to increase trust in journalism.”

I don’t go on Facebook or Monzilla. I am familiar, however, just from listening to my daughter and others on how it works. It reminds me very much of a game that was once popular where someone would whisper something to someone else who would whisper the same thing down the line…until it finally reaches the end where the garbled message is completely unlike what was first spoken.

The internet is a wonderful tool in many ways.

It is also downright dangerous. Rumors and lies are spread like a wildfire through overgrown vines. Facebook has contributed greately to this kind of situation. As a former communications/journalism student who studied a lot about reporting FACTS with who, what, when, where, and why, I can tell you that one of the reasons a lot of the news that we get is not simply ‘filtered’ is because we no longer have true ‘journalists’ being paid to REPORT the news.

What we have now is what we have when you have to deal with a health insurance matter. You doctor says you need “A” but the insurance company has a ‘person’ who decides your medical care who has no medical degree. It is the same with the news. In their eagerness to turn a profit, news organizations (and those who claim to be) no longer send out journalists to ‘cover’ stories but prefer to use ‘bots’ to gather information from the net or from ‘sources’ that are not vetted.

Doesn’t that seem illogical? Doesn’t that make one scratch one’s head? And is this going to go AWAY by throwing money at it by creating a non-profit agency with Craig’s list and the above?

I don’t think so.

My news ‘headache’  was an opinion piece from a newspaper that took Vice-President Pence to task for stating that he would “never eat alone with another woman or attend an event where alcohol is being served without his wife.”

The writer took great umbrage at this claiming this kind of sentiment is used to keep women ‘in their place’. It seems this behavior guarantees that women will miss out on all the ‘back room’ deals.

Now, before you begin to question my politics, I can truthfully swear that I didn’t vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, for that matter. As an Independent, I don’t vote on party lines. Never have.

So, negating the political… if it is a ‘back room’ deal why would anyone of character want to be involved? To continue with discussing logic here, should everyone (not just Christians as CLEARLY instructed in the Bible) wish to avoid any ‘appearance’ of evil? Isn’t easier to avoid temptation in whatever manner you can, rather than open yourself up to the possibility? Why is someone protecting the bond of marriage (which they believe is sacred) such a problem for someone else?

Alcohol works on the brain to inhibit ‘normal’ behavior. (Yes, you can argue about what is normal…but, face it, people do things under the influence of alcohol that they might not do when sober.)

I have friends of both sexes who are teachers who have learned that to meet with ANY student of ANY sex they need to have another teacher with them AND keep the meeting room door OPEN at all times. That is just logical.

Personally, I don’t think there should be student/teacher communication over the internet..but then, I find that this decision that students HAVE to communicate over the internet by sending homework, etc. in that manner also worrying. It opens too many ‘unseen’ opportunities in my opinion…and this is from someone who had a huge crush on a teacher and stalked him. It was innocent. It also could have cost him his job. Thankfully, the teacher was wise enough to employ the same type of methods that Mr. Pence is advocating until I grew wiser and realized my foolishness.

Christ knew a lot about temptation. He, too, had been tempted by the devil in the guise of putting himself in the mode of humanity. Matthew 4: 1-Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. 

He was tempted again to forgo God’s plan and give up when faced with His coming crucifixion. He has told His disciples to be on guard to pray while He is praying in Gethsemane…but they fall asleep even after His warning.

Matthew 26:41-Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

The world right now is, as it has ALWAYS been, a mess. Few things make sense. Logic is thrown out the window as politics and humans argue over incidentals. Sin may seem to be winning.

Thankfully, we have Jesus and God’s word as our anchor. We don’t have to worry about the headlines or opinions of others.

We need only walk forward in faith and trust. We know full well that our trust must be in God and His son, Jesus.

As for me, while reading the news gave me something to discuss, I think I’m going to go back to avoiding all this controversy…it isn’t good for an old lady’s blood pressure!


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