May 2, 2017/The Greatest Star


I am NOT the most fashionable of women.

Putting on elaborate make-up and dressing to please designers just isn’t all that important to me. I wear make-up to cover my age spots and prefer comfort over fashion any season.

I do enjoy, however, seeing beautiful, TASTEFUL clothes worn by others. When I think about fashion (which I don’t spend a great deal of time on, to be honest) the person who immediately springs to mind is Audrey Hepburn. In my opinion, this Hollywood legend had the taste and elegance to wear a paper sack and make it look good. With her dark eyes, lithe body, and gamine face here was a star that displayed even the most avant-garde clothes to their best advantage. First lady, Jackie Kennedy, also possessed this gift of style.

Nowdays, there are few earthly stars that draw my attention.

My stars reside in the skies above me. There is nothing that I love more than sitting outside on a still, crystal-clear night and stare at the heavens. Anyone who can view this beauty and not be moved to wonder about how insignificant we are in this world has lost something precious that cannot be regained. Staring at the heavens reminds me of truly how magnificent a designer God is! To create a world of such beauty and balance should brings us to our knees in gratitude every day without fail.

Our God doesn’t need to worry about His fame. His adoration resounds from the angels singing His praises daily.

Psalm 147:4 & 5-He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names. Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite. 

Every day when we get up and every night as we go to sleep, we should make it a point to spend a moment giving thanks to God in humility for His awesome power and goodness in creating such a wonderful world for us to inhabit.

Take a look at the stars in the sky tonight. They will humble you into remembering who created us and how we should give thanks. Our greatest star is God, our Heavenly Father. Do not forget it!


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