April 5, 2017/Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Doctors advocate a plethora of medicines in an effort to stave off heart problems in people. Cholesterol medicine. Blood pressure medicine. Medicine to regulate the beating mechanism of the heart (like my husband is currently taking). Medicine to aid failing hearts. Medicine to regulate fluid that builds up in the body or around the heart which affects an individual’s breathing. And that doesn’t begin to cover all the different operations designed to improve those with failing or diseased hearts.

Few cardiologists, however, pause to consider that the human heart is also influenced by the human mind. They discard the notion that a human heart can ‘break’…yet, there are statistics that show how long-term married couples often die within hours or days after a beloved partner leaves this earth.

Humans, you see, were not blessed with the ability to see within themselves to any great instinct. If we were, we would be immediately aware of seeing behind the masks we all wear as we go about our daily lives. Masks that can hide bigotry, fear, hatred, ignorance, pride, avarice, etc.

1 Samuel 16: 7-But the LORD said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.

Samuel has been sent by God to find the person God has ‘elected’ to replace Saul. Saul was the king the people desired–even after God specifically told them that having kings would bring trouble.

The people didn’t listen (nothing changes, does it?)

God sees how Saul relies less and less on God and more on himself, He is aware of the trouble that will come. As He loves His people, he is eager to anoint one whose heart is with Him.

Those who know about David also knows that He strays from God big-time with Bathsheba. He commited murder AND adultery. Pretty big straying from God’s word here.

God, who knows all, must have messed up picking David, right?

No, because God knew David’s heart.

It is true David committed, what to us, seems like unpardonable sins that deserve the ultimate punishment…but David’s heart (while being human enough to sin greately) was also pure enough to cast off his ‘mask’ of kingly power to prostrate himself before God to beg for restoration. He was brought to his knees; caved to the point of throwing himself on the floor begging for forgiveness for seven days. Here was a man who deliberately sinned, was apprised of it, and didn’t make excuses.

David owned up.

He grieved not just for ‘show’ but in true repentance.  He accepted the consequences for his sin: not simply losing a beloved child, but also fearing that he had ‘lost’ God. God was important to David. We see this when we read the account of his dealings with his family over Goliath.

God knew David’s heart.

God knows all humans will sin.

It is HOW we look at sin that God wills us to see as important.

Sin has consequences. It affects us in our families, jobs, life, mind, and heart.

God sees all of this…every second of every individual. He sees our intentions. He sees our triumphs and our failures. This is why he sent His son Jesus to atone for our sins.

In our daily walk we often sin and we claim the blood of Christ for forgiveness. But we should never allow our hearts to become so immune to the idea of sin that we do not prostrate ourselves before God when we ask for forgiveness. When we humble yourself before the Lord and show Him our brokenness and our repentance, we are allowing Him to HEAL our heart…and so, remove our guilt.

God forgave David. He saw the heart of one who had severely sinned broken in repentance. He meted our the consequences then wiped David’s slate clean.

David illustrates the very heart of humankind: our love of God, our human failures,  our conviction and consequences of sinning against God, our begging for forgiveness, our need for atonement, our guilt, our repentance, and our return.

David brought a true human heart to God and stands as a lesson for us for all time.

Get to the ‘heart’ of your heart today and thank Him for allowing us to see how He dealt with David, and how He continues to deal with us….


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