May 23, 2017/Make It Stop

Since I began writing this devotional, Satan has begun more frequent attacks.

It is not greatly surprising. It is, however, difficult. Suddenly, the enemy finds a variety of ways to try to distract, depress, and devour my physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. It is that way with our world, as well. When we see tragic events unfold (especially ones of great magnitude) it affects all of us…especially as they are presented over, and over, and over on television. You want to scream: MAKE IT STOP!

The thing is, if we are aware of what is happening here, what must be happening on the spiritual plane? The battle raging between good and evil surrounds us every day. The devil attacks…over, and over, and over. There are times we don’t even recognize it.

Jesus, however, understood what we were to deal with.

John 17: 18& 19-As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world. And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth.


The word itself means to be acquired for a PURPOSE; to be made HOLY.

As God has given His son for us, so now does His son Jesus give us our purpose….to be made holy through Him.

If, then, we are to be made holy while living on earth, is it any wonder that Satan attempts to overcome our efforts in any way possible in order to keep us from the purpose of being set apart?

There have been many days lately when I will admit that I find myself yearning to stop writing; stop praying; stop trusting. I long to give in and take a break to “Make it stop.”

It has become clear, however, that the more that I search out God’s word, the more I cling to what I find myself learning..and that is part of God’s purpose. God didn’t promise His way would be easy. Jesus well understands, “Make it stop” for He dealt with Satan’s attacks while on earth–from the temptation after His baptism, to facing down demon-possessed men, to His beloved friend Lazarus’ death, to scourging before being crucified, to Peter’s denial…in all of these and more could he not have said, “Make it stop!” to His Heavenly Father and would it not have been so?

But Christ knew that just as He had been sent into the world for a purpose, so would it be our purpose for us to be sanctified and set apart to walk this world with the devil nipping constantly at our heels.

As I prayed about the attacks I have been undergoing, I finally began to understand that instead of “Make it stop,” I can only utter, “Handle it, God.”

My defense through all is to toss it up to God. It will never ‘stop’ until I leave this earth, give up, or give in.

I must trust fully in the Lord, knowing that He has set me apart for a purpose and allow Him to uplift me….


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