June 26, 2017/Hairsbreadth

Two years ago, we suffered and survived a weather ‘event’. I say the word event because whether the ‘weather experts’ want to call it ‘straight winds’ or a tornado, we lived through and witnessed the force and power of nature up close.

We learned a lot going through this experience. Half of our house was destroyed. Trees blocked all the streets leading to our house. Our handicapped bathroom was gushing water from broken pipes and had fallen down into the crawlspace below the house. The giant oak tree that we’d adorned with its very own ‘face’ had been lifted up and crashed through the bedroom landing right on the bed where we slept. My dog’s wire crate was crushed into mere inches. We had no power for a week. I found that it took three 64oz. water-filled soda bottles to do a quick hair wash and ‘bird bath’.

We came within a ‘harisbreadth’ of dying. The definition of hairsbreadth a very small space or distance. Had the storm arrived four or five hours later, we would have been killed in bed.

When the storm hit, I had grabbed the dog and her leash and fled to the hall (inner space/no windows/well protected. My husband was checking out the storm and saw the row of trees in our backyard snapping like twigs and quickly joined me as we prayed for the protection of our daughter and family who live one house away.

Once the storm was over, everyone gathered outside. We had lost trees, roofs, and parts of houses–but not one person was  injured. Seeing all the damage, we gave thanks for not one person was injured.

Have you ever noticed that when tragedies happen, governments suddenly decide that it is ‘okay’ to pray? Suddenly, these same entities that want nothing to do with religion or God allow dignitaries, politicians, and leaders to acknowledge God?

We lost a lot of ‘stuff’ in a storm.

We wondered, as many do, “Why us? Why, God? Why now?”

Our handicapped bathroom shower (which was an older one-piece unit) has now been replaced with a modern tiled shower and bench. Our bedroom lay out was redesigned so as to make it much more friendly if my husband eventually must use a wheelchair. Windows were installed that allow more light. Blinds that are easy to open and close replaced drapes.

We went from the “Why?” to “Thanks” when praying.

God’s power can be taught and meditated upon with one simple sentence from Matthew.

Matthew 10:30-But the very hairs on your head are all numbered.

Think about it–our God knows the numbers of each and every hair on the head of every single person on earth.

The power of a storm is enormous…but the power of God is INFINITE.

As we walk through the storms of life, be ASSURED that Christ Himself has acknowledged His Father’s power…and His love for us.

There is a purpose in every earthly storm that comes our way. We may not see it at first. We may not see it while we are alive. But we are to be confident that the God who knows exactly how many hairs are on our head on any given day is watching over us…and He loves and cares for us.


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