June 28, 2017/Lively Stones

Most people have heard at least one of the songs by The Rolling Stones. I mean, SATISFACTION is pretty well known. I have to admit that I’m not a huge 70’s ‘rock’ fan, and I was never a huge fan of that particular group. Some of their hits were just too raucous for my taste. That said, they had a huge following and have toured for many years.

My taste in music runs from opera, to Broadway show tunes, to Big Bands, to songs you can sing to like Don McClain, The Beach Boys, the Temptations, Petula Clark, the Monkees, or the Everly Brothers. That said, however, I love music.

I think God enjoys watching His children celebrate life through music and dance…even rock. 1 Peter 2:5-Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to God by Jesus Christ.

While Peter goes on to describe Jesus as fulfilling the Old Testament prophecy of the ‘cornerstone’ which God described in the next verse, this verse also has a message to us.

We are lively stones.

We are part of the house that Jesus began building while here on earth. It is our job to join together to offer our spiritual selves in works that God will find acceptable. Just as Jesus is the cornerstone of our faith and the symbol of God’s temple, so too, we have our place in what He is offering up to His Father. We are ‘young’ in faith and need tempering…but Jesus is acknowledging that as we begin our walk away from the ‘human’ way into the spiritual way we should walk joyfully.

The journey is difficult and not without problems. What lifts us is the loving grace of His example.

The British comedy AS TIME GOES BY has a character how likes to say: “Rock on.”

Rock on today.

Be a lively stone.

The house Jesus is building will last through eternity and we are part of it…so celebrate our relationship with Him.


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