June 29, 2017-Eagles

My husband loves eagles. He always has. Perhaps, that is why our trips to Alaska resonated so much. Alaska gives one the opportunity to view eagles in their natural habitat.

While touring we learned a lot about the life of eagles from our guides. One in particular illustrated just how stubborn and determined an eagle can be. This woman explained that she lived near a body of water where salmon often came to grown and spawn. During this time, eagles would gather. One day, an eagle spotted a gigantic salmon and decided that this fish would make a good target. (From her description, that fish was certainly a HUGE target!) Eagles lock their talons onto their prey and don’t let go.

What followed was a battle.

You see, that salmon outweighed the eagle who had decided he’d make a good dinner. Neither was willing to give up. The battle raged for hours before the exhausted eagle finally managed to drag that outsized salmon to shore.

The eagle was lucky not to have drowned in that fight as our guide told us many eagles are pulled under and killed in these battles.

Isaiah 40:31-But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

There are days when we feel we are in a battle that may drown us. That is when we come to God’s word and find the passages which allow us to keep going.

I have been writing this devotional daily for six months tomorrow. I have decided that it is time to ‘switch it up’ a bit…so after tomorrow I will be writing only when God convicts me that I need to share. This isn’t ‘giving up’. It isn’t ‘giving in’. It is simply listening to the Lord in that I need to take some time to renew my strength. I need to be ‘refreshed’ for I am in danger of fainting.

At first, I was determined to ignore God’s command.

I am somewhat stubborn and I like to finish what I’ve begun.

I am also old enough, however, to know that you don’t argue with God. Obviously, He has decided that there are changes on my horizon.

I will still be ploughing onward in study. Maybe, I won’t be writing every day–but, God willing, I will still write what/where God leads me…


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