July 5, 2017-Good news/Bad news

Receiving bad news is always difficult. The key, however, is trying to find some form of good news out what we perceive as bad.

Monday, I went to the doctor. Now, I dislike doctors. I don’t care how ‘McDREAMY’ they are supposed to be, I don’t like them. I don’t like hospitals, hospital shows, or anything that has to do with medicine. I’m sure this probably all stems back to my being ten-years-old when my mother became very ill with a collapsed lung and almost died. I know she was in the hospital for over a month and never fully recovered. Course, my having five broken arms–at ages 3, 6, 9, 18, and 21 probably didn’t help my attitude. I was, to be frank, a KLUTZ!! I jumped off a chair at three; fell over a record player cord in school at six; tumbled down a hill at camp at nine; fell on the ice trying to learn to ice skate at eighteen; and fell while trying to hurry down the hall while 8 months pregnant at 21. Obviously, while I appreciated the efforts of doctors in all my injuries, I saw enough of them to know they did not reside in a place where I wanted to be!!!

Still, I do force myself to try to keep up with preventative care…most of the time. In the past year, however, I have been more concerned with my husband’s issues than my own. I’ve been feeling exhausted and in a lot of paint but I ‘soldiered’ on. So, I wasn’t entirely surprised to hear that I am probably suffering from fibromyalgia on Monday. I had all the symptoms and my pain level is increasing.

One of the reasons I decided NOT to pressure myself in this blog is because I knew something wasn’t right and God made it clear that I was going to need some time to put myself first. This does not come easily for me.

Nor does pain. Pain is like a creeping rash–no matter how much you tell yourself you won’t scratch…it lays waiting below the surface rearing its ugly ‘feelers’ tempting you to give in and playing hide-and-seek with the ice packs, heating pads, exercises, and medicines to wake you up and let you know that it won’t go away.

I have found ONE thing that does help ease my pain a bit….


Laughter pulls the ‘sting’ our of pain. So, last night I put in a Jeanne Robertson dvd. My husband and I have seen it before but the laughter emerges no matter how much we watch. Everyday events are simply humorous IF you allow them to be. Celebrating the July 4th holiday while listening to how Jeanne’s husband flooded her house trying to clean carpets right before the arrival of company was the perfect antidote to the pain inching through my joints.

Proverbs 17:22-A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”

Jeanne’s tagline is “finding the humor in everyday situations.” Now, I don’t know if she pulled that thought from the above mentioned verse in Proverbs, but I do know that, in my case, she was an example of how laughter helps us get through tough times.

None of us like pain. We’d rather avoid it, to be honest. Yet, pain is a part of life. It is how we approach our pain that separates us. We can whine and feel sorry for ourselves, or we can attempt to hobble on and look for something about what we are  enduring and gain strength from our trials.

I have always felt that God has a sense of humor. I mean, He has to or He would have  dismissed His earthly creations as defective and begun again. I mean humans created whoops cushions! Come on, now. Really? We laugh at pies thrown in faces and squirt bottles of seltzer.

Pain isn’t fun, easy, or something that any Christians with any sense would look forward to…but we ‘soldier on’ reciting Romans 8:28-And we all know that ALL things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are called according to His purpose.

I may not feel like marching today…but I’m going to arm myself with a Bible in one hand and a seltzer bottle in the other…so you’d better watch out!


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