July 11, 2017/Caretakers

Psalm 23: 1-The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.

Shepherds, while vital for the family and economy, were not given very much respect. They were caretakers…those who toiled daily without acclaim simply doing their job through all kinds of weather, terrain, and conditions. The job of a shepherd was solitary, dirty, smelly, and required never staying in one place for very long. Most shepherds were the younger male members of families because they were not deemed strong enough to do harder work. Shepherds were not given very much ‘respect’ for their service.

God (our Lord) is the one who cares for us. He, alone, has us in His charge to protect and keep us safe. He stays awake to protect us from those who might harm me. He is always on duty, ensuring that we are provided with what we NEED.


Remember in your prayers today those who are the caretakers of others.



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