July 15, 2017-Where You Lay

Getting up and down isn’t easy lately. My bones don’t cooperate as they once did. Some mornings, my husband and I greet each other with creaking bones and moans as we get out of bed.

Gone are the days where I roll around on the grass, searching for four-leaf clovers, making buttercup chains, and just enjoying the softness and smell of lush green blades of grass between my toes.

As a child, I reveled in the long days of summer. I did my chores as early as possible in order to try to convince my mother that we really didn’t ‘need’ to stay home and clean an already spotless (in my opinion) house, but grab our bathing suits and head off to the lake. There was nothing like slipping into the comfort of cool lake water when the heat and humidity of summer raised the temperatures in the house–especially as we had no air conditioning.

Psalm 23:2-He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters

David understood that God had created our world with comforts we took for granted. Green pastures for a shepherd meant that he didn’t have to move around for a time. Still waters were waters that would provide drinking water for his sheep..and also for the shepherd! Unlike roaring waters that posed danger, still waters were quiet…peaceful.

Food+water=nurture. God was encouraging his charge’s growth and development. The shepherd understood that his sheep were provided for…they could satisfy their hunger and thirst and rest to gain the weight needed.

We all have days where we need to rest; to come to terms in where we are in life. We need to be nurtured. Take time today to ‘quiet’ your body and mind. Turn off your phone, tv, computer, and even your loved ones. Close your eyes and simply allow yourself some moments to contemplate what God will speak to you.



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