July 17, 2017/Antiques

Antiques may, or may not, bring you a windfall.

Everyone likes the PBS channel ‘Antique Roadshow’ because we would all like to think that we have some hidden treasure that is worth money. The problem with antiques, however, is that there are a lot of forgeries, and tastes in the antique market vary.

What was once popular can change quickly. My aunts loved marble-topped tables. They were very popular in rooms in the early 1900’s. People saved for some time to be able to afford furniture and these tables screamed ‘money’. Unfortunately, times change. Few people care about this type of furnishing now. They don’t have the room, nor the time to do the polishing and care for these items…so their value has decreased.

Our value to God never decreases.

Psalm 23: 3-He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

God is interested in caring for His children. While He cares for all aspects of our life. He watches over us from morning to night. It is the depths of our souls that interest Him the most–for it is here where we commune with God honestly. Here, where no human infringes our deepest fears, desires, and sins appear.

Here, in our soul, God attempts to commune with us so as to lead us to where He would have us go. Here, we instinctively know the ‘right’ path versus the wrong one. God attempts to gently direct us to the proper path for the simple reason that HE IS GOD.

He will not force us.

He will never coerce us into doing what is right.

He will simply BE who He is and has been since the beginning.

Give thanks today to the God who has created you, loves you, guides you, and walks with you daily.

Give God His due today. He is God. Praise Him.


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