July 19, 2017/Shadows

Walk a deserted street and suddenly the shapes and shadows that would appear normal in light appear scary. Images of trees and their shadows in photography taken in broad daylight turn spooky when those same photographs are taken as the light fades.

So it is with people.

Some of us ‘fade’ as we age. The joy in our eyes and hearts begins to flicker and die. We see the shadows of what WAS rather than what IS.

Psalm 23:4-Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

David understood not only the hardships of being a shepherd but the dangers. Enemies of the sheep were dangerous not only to the animals themselves but the humans that protected them. Shepherds had thick rods they used to ward off animals that would attack. Sometimes, these staffs worked and the predators would turn aside to attack a different day. There were other times, however, that the protector would be mauled by the predator…and there were no doctors or cell phones to call for help out in the countryside.

Evil. Hardship. Death. All of these surround us. None of us know which day, which moment may be our last. We kiss our loved ones and go off to work under a bright blue sky with no notion of the sudden earthquake, storm, or accident that may befall us.

David also knew that even in the dark moments, God was with Him. David understands the concept of evil but also knows that having Do means that he doesn’t have to FEAR the evil. God has provided him weapons to fight against the ‘evil’ that surrounds him.

David’s greatest perception  is his acceptance that God is with him always. David has no doubts. He is placing his faith and trust in the God who he has met while tending his father’s sheep day and night in the fields.

David has conquered the shadows that surround him; now he walks in the darkest night knowing that it will bring no surprises for the light that accompanies him can vanquish that darkness.

Light and shadow.

Take time to look at God, the eternal light, with the faith of David. No matter how dark or dangerous our world seems, if we allow Him, God will light our path with an eternal light that will never be vanquished.


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