July 24, 2017/Following the Leader

Who among us hasn’t played ‘following the leader’?

It is a game that most youngsters love to play because they love to imitate. Little boys will often watch their dads shave; little girls love to get into their mother’s make-up and pretend. It is part of the childhood patterns of learning.

Sheep also employ a ‘follow the leader’ mentality. If you can get one sheep going, most of the time the others will follow. You see, sheep have figured out that ‘with many comes protection’ from their enemies like wolves. That is why it is so easy for dogs to herd sheep.

The Bible uses sheep to illustrate this very idea. We must choose wisely when finding a leader to follow.

Psalm 23 is David’s personal journal of where he is with God…so it is not surprising that he finishes this beloved psalm with praise.

Psalm 23:6-Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

David is now speaking to His personal shepherd; the One who he follows. He has acknowledged that his God provides, protects, fills, restores, and anoints him with more than he needs. David states his thankfulness for God’s mercy and goodness–and proclaims his allegiance to his Lord.

Many know the basics of the twenty-third Psalm. Not all, however, who can quote it understand the realities. David has used his work as a shepherd knowing how easily sheep are led. He has found that having God as his leader is the best one for him. He knows who he walks behind.

God is David’s leader and he swears his allegiance in no uncertain terms.

Would that we all come to understand exactly what David is saying to us.

Be wise in choosing who you follow.


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